Matching Bedside Drawers

The next big project was to make a matching set of bedside drawers, with a little ledge to keep your phone on at night.

One large consignment of construction pine later, and I set to work rough cutting all the pieces I would need. Everything apart from the drawer bottoms was made out of the same half-inch stock. The carcase side panels were laminated from the same stock also.

The carcase uses horizontal rectangular frames recessed into grooves, which then act as the drawer runners.

The L-shaped design presented a slight challenge. The recessed side panel uses a sliding dovetail to secure it to the base, so getting that to fit tightly and accurately took a little time. Very happy with the result, though.

The base of the carcase is dovetailed on for strength side-to-side, then hidden from view forever by the skirt which is also dovetailed on (half blind mitred dovetails!), but this time front-to-back. The top of the carcase also has a big couple of dovetails to keep it from splaying out there also. Super strong!

The drawers fronts all have half blind dovetails, partly because they look lovely and partly because I felt like I needed the practice. The drawer backs are held together by wedged through-tenons. The drawer bottoms are ΒΌ” hardwood ply, so still nice to look at and nice and flat without any real effort on my part.

The skirts and carcase tops have a stepped bead, which was surprisingly easy and satisfying to make.

Stained with Mann’s Antique Pine water-based woodstain, and finished with Osmo Top Oil.

(Many thanks to Lovely Wife for catching me before I made two identical units, rather than mirrored ones.)

More dovetails on the carcase
More half blind dovetails on the carcase
Dry assembly of the carcase
Beautiful dovetails that will never be seen again
Fitting the half blind mitred dovetailed skirts
Carcase all done
All the drawers fitted with pulls
Finished set of drawers with drawers open
Finished set of drawers with drawers open