V-Shaped Monitor Stands

These bespoke computer flat screen monitor stands were a quick and dirty project I sneaked in for Lovely Wife.

Based on her normal desk setup, and with her monitors set up directly on the desk, I measured the distance from the top bevel to her eye line. This would be the height of the monitor stands.

I also drew around the outline of the foot of the monitors so I could figure out the correct angle for the v-shape.

Using some pallet offcuts, I made a mitre at the same random angle of the monitor foot, then added a skirt, with a small round-over at the top to provide a lip.

Because the weight of the monitors would be directly vertical through the stand, I chose to simply glue the three feet in place against the base and the skirt.

For belt and braces, it would be easy to add countersunk screws to secure the feet, then hide the heads with some wood filler, particularly as the stands were going to be painted.

Shellac then a couple of coats of paint for these, sanding lightly between coats.