Deadlift Blocks

An unusual commission this one! A personal trainer gym in London asked me to make some stacking deadlift blocks.

When people are training in their gym, they’re often deadlifting weights on a bar from the floor. Sometimes it’s helpful to have blocks to raise up the weights a little above the ground. The blocks need to be the same height each side, and have enough area to set the weights back down again without missing. And they need to be pretty durable!

I made two sets of four blocks in total from construction timber, and gave them a good ebony stain to match the gym’s other equipment. Finished off with a thorough coat of danish oil, which will be easy to retouch after the inevitable abuse the blocks will receive.

Two deadlift blocks made from construction timber
Stack of four deadlift blocks before the stain was applied
Deadlift blocks with ebony stain
Black and white image of stack of four deadlift blocks with ebony stain