Roubo Frame Saw

After all that effort resawing oak for the Gateleg Dining Table, I thought I could find a beefier solution.

Enter the Roubo Frame Saw, an old design meant for single-handed use, but with a modern twist thanks to Bad Axe Tool Works’ hardware kit. They provide the metal parts for holding and tensioning the saw blade, leaving just the wooden frame for me to make.

I needed something pretty robust, so I made use of some oak offcuts to make the frame. A little bit of shaping to make the handles more comfortable to use, and voilĂ , a new shop tool that’s a lot of fun to use. And much, much quicker at resawing!

Shaping the oak frame parts for the Roubo Frame Saw
Roubo Frame Saw hanging up
Detail of the Roubo Frame Saw
Detail of the Roubo Frame Saw
Resawn oak courtesy of the Roubo Frame Saw